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Equine-assisted Psychotherapy is an alternative to in-office counseling, with a number of benefits: It is interactive, fun, and in real time. It engages the client mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Behavioral patterns and relational dynamics become evident and can be addressed as they occur. HORSES GIVE US IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK-- - and THEY DON'T LIE.  E-a-P enhances the development of empathy, trust, and respect for others. Resistance, or difficulty communicating verbally, does not hinder this form of therapy. Happenings sessions are held March through November, and sometimes during winter months as weather permits. To schedule, call (513) 409-5050.  Click here to visit the 3C Counseling & Wellness Services web site.

H.A.P.P.E.N.I.N.G.S Therapy

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